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We divide our brand consultancy service into two stages as “branding process” and “sales-marketing”. In the branding process, we analyze topics such as positioning, competitor-market analysis, target audience segmentation, consumer behavior, trend analysis, strategic planning, positioning, SWOT analysis, target audience mix and perception for your brand.

In the sales-marketing part, we create your roadmap according to the strategic planning we have determined, we determine our target wholesale and sales channels and communicate.

We determine the ideal fairs and showrooms for the brand and provide communication between the product and the target customer.

How about designing your brand from scratch?
You are not alone in brand building. By putting you and your values ​​at the center, we find the most ideal brand orientations and names for you. Then, together with you, we make the most appropriate choice and manage your brand formation process together.

One of the most basic needs of the digital world is software and hardware. By optimizing your digital media resources and website in the most ideal way, we ensure that it works in the most efficient way for you. You take your place at the top of the search engines.

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Let’s overcome the problems of branding in the digital world together.


Add value to your brand with a young and innovative perspective, together with our dynamic teammates.


Let’s make your designs at a universal level with our expert team in the field of design.

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We are growing together by providing marketing services to you and your brand in many areas, especially with our experienced staff in the field of Web3. We enjoy serving you with our competent teammates in social media and other communication channels.


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